About Us

Who We Are

The Foundation for Contemporary and Modern Visual Art was founded in 2014.
We are passionately driven to give context and legacy to the art scene and the artists in Nigeria.
Our work is geared towards stirring and propagating the more intellectual, historical and philosophical elements of the visual art scene in Nigeria. We want to create a platform that will preserve original narratives of artists and collections to the end that we provide momentum towards making Nigeria an art voice in the world maps.

To do this we engage in programs and projects of documentation, publishing and research.
As a not-for-profit concern, our projects include self-funded initiatives and publicly subsidized projects. Each undertaking is conceived and designed based on it opportunity to autonomously source for funds to help achieve the project.

Our Objectives
  • We document Nigerian art in whatever location or collection it might be.
  • We publish credible knowledge about visual art in Nigeria.
  • We help identify and promote modern and contemporary artworks.
  • We help shine the spotlight on promising and upcoming visual artist.
  • We serve as a dependable source of information for artists, ,art enthusiasts, researchers, collectors, and students